ESPN Streak for the Cash

You can make a million dollars!Usually obtaining a million dollars requires much time, effort, and hard work, but the following method is very simple (but not easy). It is called ESPN Streak for the Cash. All it takes is about two minutes a day and you can start to build your streak toward lots of cash. In order to win the grand prize of $1,000,000, you must build a streak that is in the top 7 highest streaks by December 6, 2009. The 7 pickers who have built the longest streaks since April 1st will be flown to Bristol to have a pick off. The winner of the pick off will win the one million dollar grand prize. If there is a tie in the pick off, the winner will be determined by the person with the most total wins from April 1st to December 6th. After that if there is still a tie, the winner will be the person with the highest winning percentage, so whoever has fewer losses. As of June 6th, the top seven streaks are 24, 22, 21, 21, 21, 20, 20. It should be easy to cheap nba jerseys wholesale create by providing the usual information that is requested along with a username and password. Then go to Streak for the Cash on the ESPN website. Once you are signed in on the Streak for the Cash page, you should see a green box with your entry name, a Streak O Meter, and information about your current streak and your accumulated pick stats. Underneath this box there should be 3 dates and a list of picks for the date in bold. You MAY make more than one pick a day, but you can only have one pending pick at a time. Also, you do not have to make a pick everyday. You can go as long as you want without making a pick, but in order to build a long streak, you should keep up with your picks regularly and consistently. Each day, ESPN creates a list of picks that vary from who will win a cricket match to how many strikeouts will Zack Greinke throw in his start against the Rangers. There a variety of picks for all fans to enjoy: NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, softball, cricket, tennis, NASCAR, soccer, golf, horse racing, lacrosse, and college sports. The types of picks differ in the sports and what you are guessing. For instance, you may guess the winner of a game, or other matchups such as

Very importantly, IN ORDER TO MAKE A PICK: on the very far right of each pick box, there are two empty boxes.

Other PrizesSo you see that only one person can will the $1,000,000, but there are many other prizes that a number of people can win (and they aremuch easier to win). Besides the one grand prize, top seven streakers that make it to the pick off will receive $10, 000. The next prize is the monthly prize. Each month the person with the most wins in that month get $2, 500. In May, the winner had 92 wins. That is almost 3 wins a day! Below that is the milestone prize. To win this prize, you must be one of the first 10, 000 people to reach a streak of 13 wins. If you achieve this, you will get 100 ESPN Winners Circle points which can be used to buy a T shirt or other prizes. Also, ESPN Streak for the Cash has certain days where they will have a large number of picks and the nba jerseys wholesale person that gets the longest streak on that day will receive a prize. For instance, on NFL Draft Day, the someone put together a 15 win streak just on that day and received $5, 000.

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Additional FeaturesAlso, ESPN provides you with many different features that will help you make the right pick, see who other people are picking, and keep you updated. For example, to the left of each matchup, the start time of the matchup and the sport is shown. This will let you know what picks to make so you can plan ahead on your next pick once your first pick has finished. To really stay updated, you can click the alerts option under each major pick box to have ESPN send you a text messagealert with the final result of that matchup right when the matchup is over. Also, to the right of the matchup there is a percentage, a Hot/Not thermometer, boxes to place your pick. The percentage tells what percent of fans are picking each competitor. You can knowingly go with the flow when a high percentage has made a certain pick, or you can go with the underdog. The Hot/Not thermometer lets you know how many fans are making a pick on each matchup. The thermometer may either read blank, cold, warm, warmer, or hot. Obviously if the matchup is hot, a lot of fans have made picks on that matchup. Another cool feature is the Discuss feature which is at the bottom right of each pick box. By clicking on this, you can discuss the matchup with other fans on a page very similar to a chat room. You can read other people's opinions on the matchup and offer your own. You can also keep up with your pick history, and you wins, losses, and ties in each sport category by clicking on the My Entry tab at the top of the page. There is also a Leaderboard, Game Blogs, and Groups you can join. ESPN Streak for the Cash is a simple but challenging way to earn cash while taking only a short time daily (or not even daily if you don't want). Simultaneously you will stay up to date with all the sports going on and you will be entertained by seeing how for you can go with your streak. Good Luck!

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Great game by ESPN. Got to a W13 this month. Hopefully I'll be even luckier this month

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Just wanted to pass the word along

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I have played SFTC for years now. I would estimate there are anywhere from 25 to 50 winners each week. Personally, I have fared better at SIU and actually won $50 on 2 different occasions. Just an FYI in case you want to check it out.

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